Fat Hen

Okay, so…. The boyfriend and I pass by Fat Hen pretty regularly every now and then he mentions that it looks pretty good and I typically say it has bad reviews on urban spoon. I guess the curiosity got the better of us after a few beers at Cooter Brown’s Tavern and watching Auburn get trampled. 

So we walked over to Fat Hen’s and were very excited to find out that they served breakfast all day. I know it’s a bar-b-que but I got the waffles and my date got the Gulf Coast Omelet?  The waffle wasn’t bad, but then it’s pretty hard to mess them up. The syrup that came with it, came almost boiling hot. Which, I’m not complaining about, but is merely important to what I have to say about it. The syrup was so sugary, that putting a cold fork in it, or letting it sit for a minute caused it to start to solidify like toffee.

I did not try much of the Omelet, but the grits that came with it were awful, and tasted like powdered sawmill gravy mostly. My date told me to give this place a “2 out of 10” and i am directly instructed to say that, “the food tasted like sawdust.” I admit, the food wasn’t great; however, I did get a big kick out of how much he hated the place. It was humorous.

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10/09/11 at 7:14pm
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