Geisha Sushi Bistro

Today I convinced my roommate to check out Geisha Sushi with me in the CBD. I have heard great things about this place and it didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t necessarily describe the atmosphere here as “romantic” I would say “trendy”. There is a huge mural behind the sushi bar that displayed some beautiful cherry blossoms with its petals blowing through the wind. It was my favorite part of the decor. The tables (even the two-seaters)  were large enough to actually fit all the sushi they brought you and the tables were not closely cramped together.

We started with the standard edamame. My roomie got a crunch roll, King Cake roll and the spicy tuna roll (named in the order below).

This “king cake roll” was PHENOMENAL. It had coconut shrimp and cream cheese inside and was topped with tuna, eel sauce, and almonds. I will have dreams about this roll. I would go back to this place, just for this roll.  I went for the spicy crunch roll and the Twister. I substituted soy paper for seaweed, because frankly I prefer it that way. I don’t always choose the soy paper, but I indulged tonight. Over all this place was pretty great. It’s just fun being in the city and the atmosphere was nice. They tended to play some interesting tunes. We heard “humps” by black eyed peas and “single ladies” by beyonce. My roommate mentioned that he felt like we were gearing up to go to the clubs. Despite the music, he claimed to enjoy the place and loved the king cake roll.

Of course we topped it all off with some cold sake.

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07/31/11 at 10:12pm
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