I primarily went here for drinks, and ended up also having dessert. I convinced my friend to go with me, so I had one drink but I was able to test hers. Mine was pretty bitter and had to be sipped slowly, but was pretty good. The Watermelon Man, on the other hand, was phenomenal and could have been thrown back quickly due to its sweetness. She also had the Susdara 9, which I also recommend.

A Great Deal of Sincerity (left) and Watermelon Man (right)

The bar is on Feret St. in an area I wouldn’t venture to alone at night… ¬†However, the building is nice, and they seemed to have a man standing outside which made us feel somewhat more secure. The inside is classy, darkly lit, and somewhat romantic. We sat at the tables originally, but once space opened up at the bar we snatched up the seats. I find the primary interest in a place like this is watching and interacting with the bartenders, all of which were very friendly and helpful (even when they were clearly very busy).¬†

Me and my friend didn’t know many of the ingredients in most of these drinks, but ventured out and took suggestions, and never felt as though we were “looked down upon” for not knowing something. We ended up ordering the ‘Ricotta Cheesecake’ for dessert after hearing the desserts came from Patois. We were slightly disappointed, it was nothing too special.

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08/04/11 at 6:35pm
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